• Weld seam cleaning and passivating.

    Quick, efficient and without altering or damaging the surface, with instant passivation. In contrast to other methods, such as grinding, brushing, abrasive blasting or pickling, electrochemical weld seam cleaning is the only method that guarantees instant results and passivation.

  • Welding device.

    For the professional production of standard and series parts. 0 programme storage
    slots and characteristic combinations enable the semi-automated production of various welding tasks with welding process 14 (TIG), including switchable cold wire supply.

  • The ideal workstation

    The SMARTSTATION off ers the perfect workspace for cleaning stainless steel weld seams
    and stainless steel surfaces. There is plenty of space for parts on the stainless steel perforated plate surface, on which they can be electrochemically cleaned directly. Water for rinsing or excess electrolyte is drained into a collection container via a pipe system (which can be shut off by a ball valve).

  • Electrolytes.

    All our cleaning and polishing electrolytes are based on non-toxic acids, which are even
    used as additives (E338) in the food industry. Instant passivating is guaranteed.


The new FINISHEASY SYSTEM. The easiest mobile work method.

Electrolyte supply for all electrochemical cleaning devices. This professional tool enables direct and correctly-dosed supply of electrolytes during the weld seam cleaning process via a carbon fibre brush.

INOXLINER weld cleaning

With the INOXLINER weld seam cleaning devices you can clean your stainless steel components quickly and easily and at the same time restore the important passive layer. Polish or sign your components and set aesthetic focal points that will inspire your customers.

Dealers & Resellers

Distribute our products and benefit from our attractive dealer discounts.

You also have the opportunity to receive our products in your personal private label design.

FINISHLINE surface treatment

Free your stainless steel surfaces from contamination, corrosion and/or various environmental influences. Even persistent soiling is no longer a problem with our FINISHLINE products.

  • Inoxwelder

INOXWELDER welding equipment

First-class welding results require a perfectly matched system. With us you get exactly that: the INOXWELDER welding devices. You will also find high-quality welding accessories suitable for our welding equipment. All of this, of course, at a fair price.

INOXLINER marking devices

With the INOXLINER you can mark your components quickly, uniquely and permanently. We create long-term templates according to your specifications and wishes. With your personal company logo, technical details, batch numbers, key figures, etc. We will be happy to help you.